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Why Melior?

“Welcome to the world of beauty and health”

See ei ole kõigest ilus loosung, vaid meie tegevuse põhiprintsiip. Oleme veendunud, et ilu ja tervis on üksteisega lahutamatult seotud. Selleks, et olla mistahes vanuses ilus, tuleb esmajärjekorras hoolitseda tervise eest.

Üldmeditsiin, esteetiline meditsiin ja kosmetoloogia käivad meie kliinikus käsikäes. See annab tunnustust mitte ainult kliiniku esmaklassilisest varustusest, milleks on kõrgtehnoloogiline aparatuur, vaid ka ülimalt professionaalsest lähenemisest kosmeetiliste teenuste osutamisele. Meie kliinikus töötavad Eesti tipptasemel arstid ja spetsialistid.

Our clinic is licensed by the Health Board. License No: L04198

Operation location and services (Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Liivalaia tn 53 (2218018)

1) Out-patient doctor service(non-surgical aesthetic medical service)

2) Out-patient gynecological services

3) dermatological consultations

4) Urological consultations

Why Melior is different?

Melior Clinics is a private clinic with wide range of different services where you can find:

  • Contemporary,  high-quality medical and cosmetological equipment
  • Innovatively unique procedures and techniques
  • Highly qualified and experienced doctors and beauty professionals
  • Safe and impeccable quality of service
  • Individual approach
  • Best results
  • Spacious and bright rooms
  • Friendly environment
  • Comfortable location

Our values

Our team

We created a team of best doctors and aesthetic medicine specialists



Our attitude

First-class service and individualized approach to each customer

Impeccable reputation

Majority of our clients are coming back to us frequently. Every third new customer have come to us based on our regular customer recommendations.

Experience and quality

Our clinic operates since 2013. In our work we use only best high-quality equpiment and devices.

Perfect location

Comfortable and perfect location – we are located in Stockmann shopping center, 5th floor. We are open every day!

Frequently asked Questions

Why Melior is different?
What are the opening hours of the clinic?
What is the cost of specialist consultation ?
How can i book an appointment ?
How can i pay in the clinic? Is it possible to pay in parts?
Is there any option for installment payment?
Can i buy gift cards?
What languages are spoken in the clinic?


Customer feedback


Hey, just wanted to say thanks for helping me so quickly because this pain was ruining my visit to Tallinn and now I’m doing great! Thanks a lot!