BeautyLizer – a new innovation in the world of beauty!

“Heavy legs” syndrome and cellulite are linked – a sedentary lifestyle, age and poor nutrition are the reasons for the slowdown in the body’s metabolism.

The beautylizer procedure has a gentle but intense effect on the upper layers of the skin, creating various vibrations and contractions.


The skin has many receptors and is a powerful organ between the external environment and the body.

The skin receptor is made up of a large number of nerve fibers and specific nerve formations called encapsulated bodies.

Vibration and compression pressure ensures a highly efficient procedure for solving problems.

Results of the procedure:

  1. Reduction of body fat
  2. Increasing muscle tone
  3. Anti-aging effect
  4. Reduces the size of your clothes by 2 digits
  5. Improves skin quality and destroys cellulite
  6. Reduces muscle pain after exercise
  7. Detox effect, activates metabolism
  8. Smoothes skin, smoothes stretch marks, tightens skin and destroys cellulite

Frequently asked Questions

  1. Can I eat before or after the Beautylizer procedure? We recommend not eating one hour before and one hour after the procedure.
  2. If I do sports, when is it best to do the procedure? It is best to do the procedure after physical exercises or the next day.
  3. How do you know that the procedure is being done wrong for you?
    – If you have pain during the procedure
    – Slots appear on your skin during the procedure
    – After the procedure, you will have bruises
  4. Is the procedure also suitable for breastfeeding mothers? We do not recommend this procedure for breastfeeding mothers, as the result may be minimal or non-existent due to altered metabolic processes and hormonal levels.
  5. When can a procedure be performed after the birth of a child? In this case, it would be necessary to consult a doctor.
  6. Is it possible to perform the procedure even if I do not want to lose weight and tighten the skin? Yes, the Beautylizer procedure can also be done to relax and soothe muscles.
  7. Is the Beautylizer procedure alone enough to lose weight and reduce cellulite? It all depends on the problem you want to solve. Due to the mechanical effect, the Beautylizer procedure is well suited for body shaping with all other body shaping procedures such as injections, cavitation, myostimulation, Body wraps, etc. In addition, with proper nutrition and exercise, you can significantly increase the results of the procedure.
  8. If I have varicose veins, can I do the Beautylizer procedure? Varicose veins are not on the list of contraindications to the Beautylizer procedure.
  9. What is the difference between a Beautylizer and an LPG massage? During the Beautylizer procedure, there is no skin tension or vacuum inherent in vacuum massage
  10. What are the contraindications to the procedure? Fever, high body temperature skin diseases, oncological diseases, gestational pregnancy and chronic thrombophlebitis
  11. What does the procedure look like? It all starts with the first consultation – we discuss the desired results and review the contraindications. Then we start the procedure. The procedure can be divided into 3 parts – warming up the muscles, dealing with problem areas and relaxing. The duration of the procedure is 45-75 min
  12. How many procedures are needed to see the results? Usually 6-18 procedures are suitable to achieve good results, regularly 2-3 times a week. We recommend agreeing on the exact number of procedures during the consultation with a specialist.
  13. How long do the results of the procedure last? The results last an average of 6 months if you do not change your lifestyle. If you combine the Beautylizer procedure with proper nutrition and exercise, the results will last longer.
  14. How often can the Beautylizer procedure be performed? We usually recommend repeating the procedure every 2-3 days.
  15. Who is the procedure for? for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to reduce their body size, tighten their skin and get rid of cellulite, who want to quickly regain their shape after pregnancy and those who are pregnant, who want to recover quickly and effectively from muscle tension tired legs syndrome and foot swelling for those who care about their body and want to keep fit
  16. What are the results of Beautylizer? Significant reduction in body size, cellulite and “orange peel” disappearing skin is a condition and smooth muscle tone increases swelling and “tired legs” syndrome disappears after physical exertion
  17. What is the Beautylizer? During the operation of the appliance, the tissues (skin) are compressed and microvibrated. The strokes are effected by means of a roller containing 72 independent rotating square silicone bodies (comparable to the massager’s 72 fingers).

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