What is elos Plus?

elos Plus is the only system that combines the capabilities of three lasers (Alexandrite, Neodymium, CO2 laser) and RF-lifting (radio frequency). The modern elos Plus laser is equipped with the most advanced features for optimal speed, efficiency and safety.

elos Plus – a unique multifunctional device, which is one of the latest generation developments in device cosmetology, and can fight wrinkles, pigmentation and many other problems, as well as perform acne treatment and epilation to a new level. Procedures with the elos Plus device are more effective and much less painful than, for example, conventional laser therapy on the skin.

elos Plus – this is a laser device for the most demanding beauty procedures.

Spectrum of cosmetic procedures with elos Plus device:

The new elos Plus nozzles allow you to perform procedures twice as fast and with the best efficiency, and are more ergonomic and safer:

elos Plus is equipped with the most advanced functions for optimal speed, efficiency and safety, and includes 6 different nozzles, which allows you to perform the full range of the most demanded procedures in aestheMotif LHR in combination with the Pain Free system for painless hair removal ensures the final removal of pigmented and minimally pigmented hair on all skin types, including tanned skin

  • SRA applicator to remove benign pigment and vascular damage
  • Sublative to stimulate collagen synthesis. Ensures skin smoothing, rejuvenation, reduces mimic and age-related wrinkles, eliminates stretch marks and skin defects, improves skin elasticity
  • The Sublime applicator is designed for contouring and non-invasive wrinkle correction. Decreased collagen and elastin in the dermis leads to loss of skin elasticity and sagging skin. This procedure stimulates long-term collagen production, resulting in a rapid increase in skin elasticity for a long time.
  • The LVA applicator removes vascular damage and veins in the legs up to 4 mm in diameter. Ideal for small resistant blood vessels, including small telangiectasias
  • AC Acne Treatment

elos Plus advantages:

  • A unique multifunctional device with no analogues
  • Safety of the procedure for the client for any skin type
  • Non – invasive and non – traumatic procedure
  • Up to 5 times increased processing speed
  • Penetration into the deep layers of the dermis for a stronger effect
  • Client comfortness and painless during the procedure
  • An integrated cooling system protects the epidermis
  • The Intelligent Feedback System ensures an accurate dose of RF energy regardless of skin resistance

Why choose elos Plus?

Many beauty treatments are traumatic and require a long recovery time, but clients want results without a slow recovery. After any procedure with the elos Plus device, you can return to your normal rhythm of life the next morning without any problems.

The programs are selected for each client individually. It is necessary to consult a specialist before performing the procedure.

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