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Apriline Hairline


Apriline® Meso Complex is a special meso cocktail containing peptides, vitamins and amino acids to achieve noticeable long-lasting results for strong hair and a healthy scalp. Apriline® Meso stimulates hair growth, prevents greying and hair loss and strengthens the hair shaft.

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Apriline® Meso Complex is a special meso cocktail that helps to achieve noticeable long-term results for strong hair and a healthy scalp. 

Emotional stress, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances make our scalp more susceptible to external damage, resulting in brittle hair, hair loss and slow hair growth. Mesotherapy Apriline® HAIRline is designed to support a healthy scalp and strong hair.


  • Damaged hair ( brittle, dull, split ends)
  • Premature greying
  • Dry and itchy scalp
  • Several problems caused by hormonal fluctuations


Apriline® Meso is a 100% pure active complex that:

Stimulates hair growth: A blend of 4 peptides stimulates circulation by promoting the formation of new hair follicles.

Prevents hair loss and greying: Zinc and biotin regulate sebaceous gland activity, slow down the ageing of hair follicles and prevent premature greying.

Strengthens the hair:  a blend of amino acids glutamine, glycine, lysine, cysteine, arginine improves the quality of the hair by filling essential structural components and providing a strong antioxidant effect. Arginine promotes the production of nitric oxide (NO), which improves the delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles, nourishes the bulb, restructures the hair fibre and enhances overall hair vitality.

Moisturises and nourishes: hyaluronic acid, a water-binding polymer, moisturises the hair fibres and the deeper layers of the scalp.

Duration of the procedure:

up to 60 min.

After the procedure: 

The recovery period from the procedure is quick, and after the treatment you may feel a slight sensitivity and redness on the scalp, which subsides within a day or two. Avoidance of sun exposure and use of strong cosmetic products on the scalp is recommended.

We recommend avoiding extreme temperatures, saunas, steam baths, hot drinks, sunbathing or any direct exposure to the sun, swimming in pools or open water for up to 7 days to rule out infection.

Procedure cure: we recommend a course of 6 treatments at 2-3 week intervals, followed by 1 treatment every 3 months.

What to combine with: plasma therapy and supplements and lasers are all procedures available in our clinic that can be combined to achieve good results even for very severe scalp and hair conditions.

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