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Apparatus procedures and different massage techniques are designed to create an ideal figure and keep you in shape and to help you in a short time while achieving more beautiful and softer body.


Our very effective cosmetic procedures are meant for both – men and woman. Facial treatments help to reduce premature ageing and will help you to maintain healthy and youthful skin.


Apparatus and aesthetic cosmetology help quickly and safely to reduce many problems which are related to the youthful and healthy appearance and to other different aesthetic problems.


If you wish your hair to be admirable and beautiful then you can discover effective, strengthening and hair growth promoting procedures for both – hair and scalp.

Customer feedback

I really liked the hot lava stone massage. Hot stones on the body and body massage after that was the perfect way of relaxing on this gray and cold winter day. Because i went to the massage after work, then all the relaxing sensations filled my body and it gave me pleasant and deep sleep. I warmly recommend!

Anu Saagim

Popular procedures

  • Proshock ICE – body shaping and smoothing procedure
  • Lip fillers
  • Pigment spots removal
  • Mesotheraphy for hair
  • Hair Boom – painless and fast hair growth procedure
  • Thread lifting
  • Men’s Packages
  • elos Plus – permanent hair removal
  • Fractional laser scar treatment
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Massage
  • Gynecologist’s reception
  • Facial skin modelling – skin tightening with laser
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Hey, just wanted to say thanks for helping me so quickly because this pain was ruining my visit to Tallinn and now I’m doing great! Thanks a lot!


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