We also think of men

Melior Clinics offers the stronger sex everything that their face and body crave. Highly effective procedures designed specifically for men and adapted to all needs are the perfect way to take time off!

What kind of care to choose?

Our clinic’s beauty specialists will help you choose and recommend the right treatment for you according to your skin type and problem and desire.

Gentleman Silver

Duration: 2.5 h

Packet contains:

  • Environ refreshing vitamin treatment for tired skin + relaxing facial massage (45 min)
  • pHformula neck and décolleté area treatment to renew cells and reduce premature aging + massage of the neck and décolleté (45 min)
  • A relaxing aromatherapy massage for the whole body. A great way to relieve stress and fatigue. Soothes and relaxes and helps promote the body’s ability to regenerate (60 min)

Gentleman Gold

Duration 3.5 hours

Packet contains:

  • ProShoc Ice MAXI – effective non-invasive modeling procedure for the body (75 min)
  • ELOS laser hair removal for the neck, neck, shoulders – a unique and safe permanent hair removal procedure (60 min)
  • Environ refreshing treatment with vitamin C – an invigorating and refreshing vitamin treatment that gives radiance and evens out skin tone. (75min)

Gentleman Platinum

Duration: 4 hours

Packet contains:

  • RF Lifting for the face – long-term stimulates collagen synthesis and tightens existing collagen fibers, giving immediate tone and reducing wrinkles (60 min)
  • Environ skin strengthening facial treatment – a deeply nourishing and moisturizing facial treatment that improves skin blood circulation and tone (75min)
  • ProShock Ice MINI – effective non-invasive modeling procedure for the body (40 min)
  • Lymphatic massage, which is perfect for confirming the result after ProShock. Stimulates the flow of lymph fluid and stimulates the removal of waste products from the body, relaxes and relieves muscle tension, removes excess fluid (60min)

Recommendation for men

When coming to the facial, please do not shave the beard in the morning of the same day (the active ingredients of the procedure may irritate the skin and / or cause skin inflammation), this can be done the day before.



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