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AC Recovery anti-acne serum 30ml


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AC recovery anti-acne serum is designed for intensive treatment of problem skin acne with home remedies. This anti-acne cream serum is suitable for both adolescent and adult acne treatment.

Inflamed bumps on the face, forehead, neck, back and shoulders are a cause for concern. Painful subcutaneous bumps. How to get rid of acne plagues many adolescents, but it's no stranger to adults either. Treating adult acne is just as painstaking and time-consuming as it is for adolescents. The right and carefully chosen cosmetics for problem skin can help get rid of acne.

pHformula AC Recovery lightweight acne serum is a fast-absorbing multifunctional acne serum - it helps reduce the appearance of inflamed pimples, speeds up pimple healing and also helps reduce the pigmentation of already healed pimples.

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This creamy anti-inflammatory serum is a unique combination of anti-acne active ingredients that accelerate the healing of inflamed pimples, prevent pimple formation, regulate excess oil production and help maintain healthy, smooth skin.

pHformula anti-inflammatory pimple serum helps reduce the formation of pimples, speeds up the healing of inflamed pimples and provides freshness to dull and dull skin. Carefully selected actives help accelerate skin recovery after acid treatments and more intensive anti-acne facials.

Special Acne Facial Serum is designed for use in adolescents and adults with acne types I, II and III, regular use helps regulate excess oil production, tightens pores and promotes acne scar healing.

pHformula's unique light-textured serum absorbs quickly and does not leave an unpleasant layer on the skin. This convenient acne treatment serum comes in a pump-top bottle, and is perfect for use alone or before a deep moisturiser.

AC Recovery Acne Cream-Serum restores a healthy, pimple-free appearance and protects against skin damage thanks to its rich antioxidant content. Carefully selected actives accelerate skin regeneration and healing, reduce and smooth away inflamed pimples and leave skin radiant and clear.

AC Recovery anti-acne serum

  • Effectively combats inflamed pimples
  • Makes the complexion smoother, brighter and clearer.
  • Reduces facial skin shine
  • Regulates excess sebum productionAnti-inflammatory effect
  • Accelerates acne scar healing
  • Closes enlarged pores
  • Protects skin from environmental damage
  • Helps to maintain the results of salon treatments

pHformula AC Recovery acne-reducing serum is ideal for both women and men, young people and adults with excess oiliness, inflamed redness and enlarged pores.

This special ultra-light formula acne cream evens and mattifies the skin tone and helps prevent and reduce the appearance of inflamed pimples on the face. This anti-acne serum also helps to reduce inflamed redness on the skin and is particularly suitable for use in adult acne where there are pigmentation changes and uneven patches due to acne.

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