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AC Resurfacing KIT 4in1


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AC Resurfacing KIT on 4in1 acne treatment kit for intensive care of problematic facial skin - acne treatment with home remedies. Suitable for both adolescent and adult acne treatment.

Helps to reduce the formation of inflamed pimples, speeds up the healing of pimples and also helps to reduce the pigmentation of already healed pimples.

The skin care kit includes:

  • pHformula EXFO facial cleansing cream-enzyme scrub
  • pHformula Active acid serum
  • pHformula AC Recovery treatment serum
  • pHformula Post Recovery Face Cream
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pHformula AC Resurfacing KIT for problematic facial skin care 4in1 kit for home use!

pHformula AC Recovery Anti-Acne Serum is suitable for use as a stand-alone home care product but is in fact developed to support pHformula's skin renewal acid treatment for problem skin. The kit is a unique combination of anti-acne actives that accelerate skin healing from inflamed pimples, prevent the formation of pimples, regulate excess oil production and help maintain healthy, smooth skin.

Carefully selected active ingredients accelerate skin regeneration and healing, reduce and smooth away inflamed skin cells, and leave skin radiant and clear. Regular use helps to regulate excess oil production, tightens pores and promotes acne scar healing.

AC Resurfacing 4in1 home care kit designed for:

  • simple care for problem facial skin
  • effectively combats inflamed pimples
  • makes facial skin smoother, brighter and clearer
  • reduces the appearance of facial skin shine
  • regulates excess sebum production
  • anti-inflammatory
  • speeds up the healing of acne scars
  • constricts enlarged pores
  • protects the skin from environmental damage

The pHformula AC Resurfacing at-home skin care kit for problem skin is ideal for both men and women, young people and adults with excess oiliness, inflamed redness and enlarged pores.

AC Resurfacing kits are recommended:

  • For problem skin
  • For excess lipids
  • For inflamed bumps and pimples
  • For a blotchy complexion
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne scars
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