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Retinol cream pHformula VITA A 24h


VITA A 24h Face Cream contains pure retinol and is suitable for use as a high-level care product for ageing skin. Retinol stimulates cell renewal, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as spots caused by natural and photo-ageing. VITA A cream is also suitable for problem skin and is an effective acne treatment aid as retinol keeps inflammation under control and balances the sebaceous glands.

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pHformula VITA A 24h Cream is a face cream with retinol suitable for ageing skin and skin with signs of photo-aging. For problem skin. 

Action: pure retinol stimulates cell renewal, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A-rich cream is also effective in the treatment of acne by controlling inflammation and balancing the sebaceous glands.  Intensive care product, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Reduces pigmentation. Reduces the appearance of impurities. Improves skin texture and accelerates acne scar healing. 24h moisturising complex keeps skin hydrated and protected.

Active ingredients:  1,5 % Retinol complex - rejuvenating effect,  accelerates skin renewal. Reduces pigmentation. Retinol reduces inflammatory processes, regulates sebaceous glands, slows down the formation of pimples and blemishes. 

Sodium lactate - softens skin and improves moisture retention 

Urea - leaves skin soft and silky, reduces dryness and improves skin's defences.

Lactic Acid - a natural part of the skin's protective acid layer, which evens skin tone and renews the complexion

TIP! VITA A cream can also be used topically on the problem area and is an effective treatment for acne on young skin - the right application regime for you can be determined by a skin specialist in the salon.

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